Being pro-life is more than opposing abortion!


Left man: “Hey, hey! Don’t get confused! We are pro-life… But once alive, everyone needs to pay for himself, are we clear?”
Left sign: “Yes to life, no to abortion.”
Right sign: “I’ve got Hepatitis C. Help!”

This cartoon, published in the Spanish newspaper El Diario, reminds that being pro-life is, or should be, more than opposing abortion. Indeed, many Christians tend to restrict their political activity to being pro-life, and restrict being pro-life to opposing abortion. But being pro-life is much more than opposing abortion in an uncompromising way. Being truly pro-life is to defend life – God’s life – in all spheres of society. Providing medical support, reaching out to drug addicts, helping the poor, reducing insecurity, taking care of the environment, avoiding traffic accidents and promoting healthy lifestyles should all be part of the pro-life agenda. Christian politics is not single issue politics; it demands an integral approach. This is what many pro-life activists seem to forget.

Dennis P. Petri
Dennis P. Petri is Director of Plataforma C, Platform for Christian Politics. A political scientist by training, he specializes in comparative politics with a specific interest in Latin America. He is currently working on a dissertation about religious freedom at VU University Amsterdam.


  1. Amen! We need to have all our advocacy be pro life from inception to end. Defending the most vulnerable -the unborn – cannot be our only resaponse. Life is precious at every stage. A wholistic mindset recognizes that our obligation to our neighbor – our sisters and brothers – is just as essential.

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