C.S. Lewis on Politics and Natural Law

Conventional wisdom holds that C.S. Lewis was uninterested in politics and public affairs. Justin Dyer from the University of Missouri and Micah Watson from Calvin College talk about their book, C.S. LEWIS ON POLITICS AND THE NATURAL LAW (Cambridge UP, 2016), in which they explore the contours of Lewis’s multi-faceted Christian engagement with political philosophy generally and the natural-law tradition in particular.

Plataforma C
Plataforma C, Platform for Christian Politics, is an initiative that aims to promote the participation of Christians in Politics and the development of public policy based on biblical principles and the teachings of Jesus. Plataforma C, la Plataforma para la Política Cristiana, es una iniciativa que tiene por objetivo promover la participación de Cristianos en la Política y el desarrollo de una Política basada en los principios bíblicos y en las enseñanzas de Jesús.

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