Don’t send Muslim peacekeeping forces to settle conflicts between Muslims and Christians

Central African Republic

In the Central African Republic, the Chadian contingent of the UN peacekeeping forces have been more loyal to their fellow tribesmen and coreligionists (some have sided with the Séléka rebels, or even participated in looting together with them) than to their peacekeeping mission. 

A similar issue arose in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where Pakistani peacekeeping troops have also failed in fulfilling their mission.

There should be proper investigation and into these crimes and perpetrators should be brought to justice. The ethnic and religious origin of peacekeeping forces needs to be carefully considered, and neutrality / impartiality must be guaranteed.

Dennis P. Petri
Dennis P. Petri is Director of Plataforma C, Platform for Christian Politics. A political scientist by training, he specializes in comparative politics with a specific interest in Latin America. He is currently working on a dissertation about religious freedom at VU University Amsterdam.

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