Family Life and Aids Education Ministry – Adopt a school for €600 (US$650) per year!

Family Life and AIDS Education Ministry (FLAEM) is a faith-based inter-denominational Christian ministry that sees marriages and families strengthened and communities being positively transformed and rising above the scourge of AIDS. Its mission is to provide Biblical teaching on family life, marriage, HIV and AIDS in Malawi.

The Foundation Platform for Christian Politics (Plataforma C) supports fundraising efforts for FLAEM. Please visit the website of FLAEM for more information.

We invite you to partner with FLAEM by adopting a school. You do this by donating a minimum of €600 (US$650) per year. The money will be used to train teachers and give them adequate supervision. Supervision is very important because it boosts the morale of the teachers and ensures that FLAEM values the work. The money will also help in purchasing teaching and learning materials.

To donate to FLAEM, please click here.

Plataforma C
Plataforma C, Platform for Christian Politics, is an initiative that aims to promote the participation of Christians in Politics and the development of public policy based on biblical principles and the teachings of Jesus. Plataforma C, la Plataforma para la Política Cristiana, es una iniciativa que tiene por objetivo promover la participación de Cristianos en la Política y el desarrollo de una Política basada en los principios bíblicos y en las enseñanzas de Jesús.

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