Gender Neutral Toilets in the UK


This picture of “Gender Neutral Toilets” was taken in the restroom of a top level university in the United Kingdom. It’s a clear example of the eagerness of sexual activists to definitively erase all gender distinctions; one more step towards The Abolition of Man (and Woman!).

The new cultural reality is confusing for many people. In the restroom, a 10 year old boy was desperately searching for the bathroom for boys. His little sister kept asking where the bathroom for girls was. They didn’t feel comfortable with these gender neutral toilets.

Inside the bathroom (which wasn’t particularly clean…), I noticed the following poster, confirming the influence sexual activists have on university life.


Dennis P. Petri
Dennis P. Petri is Director of Plataforma C, Platform for Christian Politics. A political scientist by training, he specializes in comparative politics with a specific interest in Latin America. He is currently working on a dissertation about religious freedom at VU University Amsterdam.


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