The Determinants of Divorce Rates: An Econometric Study

All around America, and around the world for that matter, divorce is on the rise. It’s an unavoidable fact in today’s society, but are some more prone to divorce than others.

This paper will take a look at selected variables in an attempt to find a correlation between the variables and divorce rates. Using the information from the regression analysis, there are clear ways to improve and to worsen the divorce rate. To lower the divorce rate, one should look toward improving the ease of no-fault divorce laws or look toward promoting higher income, education, and religion levels in the states. Policies that positively affect any of the aforementioned variables could help to improve the divorce rate in the state, but huge changes would have to be made to truly affect the divorce rate because all of the coefficients for the independent variables are so low in value.

If this study were taken to a broader level, more symmetrical information could be attained and more variables included in the analysis. This addition of relevant variables, such as age at marriage and number of children, could significantly improve the quality and the overall fit of the regression equation. In reference to the descriptive statistics concerning New England states, it would be interesting to do further research on just this area of the country.

Why are the divorce and poverty rates so low there while income, religion and education rates are so high? It would seem that this is the ‘perfect’ America, if there is such a thing, a Mayberry. Perhaps this has to do when the states were settled. Since they were among the original colonies and first established states, maybe there is a solid fundamental and religious backing left over from the days of original colonization.

Download the paper by Rachel N. Ruth (Marietta College) here.

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